Thursday, February 19, 2009

careers for thought: 8 things i'd also love to do.

my unfortunate period of unemployment (i mean, um, my transition period to full-time employment!) has left me with some time to think about other possible career paths. and since one of my most-often asked interview questions is "what is your dream job?" (which, in my opinion, is an inherently stupid question- what am i supposed to say, "this one!!"? come on now!), i've come up with some good- if not far-fetched- answers to respond with. a girl can dream, right?!

1. traveling chef/tv host/food critic

okay, so i'm lacking the culinary skills, but we can overlook that. seriously, can you imagine anything cooler than getting to travel to fabulous places and pig out all day?! because really, i can't. at all. ever.

2. fbi detective

for goodness sakes, i found my birthparents through intensive google searches, and my ability to track things and people down is pretty scary. i could totally hang with the folks at the behavorial analysis unit.

3. sober living house manager

i think the celebrity rehab spin-off "sober house" prooobably sugar-coats it, and most of these house managers are recovering addicts themselves, but i'd actually really like to work with substance abusers post-rehab, though it could potentially get really depressing. yikes!

4. matchmaker

playing cupid could be a total blast (not to mention rewarding if you're successful!), but it would be even more fun to alert the jerks that they're, well, jerks. right??

5. lawyer

i was a total mock trial ace in the heydays of middle and high school- always the prosecuting attorney, though. someone did make an objection once because i was "badgering the witness," but whatever, i wanted answers!

6. fashion buyer

i'd get paid to shop. 'nuff said.

7. set designer

how cool would it be to dream up the decor for a fictional character's apartment, or a favorite local coffeeshop? pretty damn cool, i say.

8. wedding planner

dealing with psycho bridezillas could get stressful, yes, but organizing the music, the table linens, the menu...oh my!

this is a total list-in-progress, so if anyone has any ideas for other awesome jobs, give me a shout.


Janine said...

hey kim got any suggestions for jobs for me? im kind runnin low on places to look.

i like the food critic idea. :)

kim said...

well, as far as job sites, i usually look at to look for keywords and locations, since it pretty much searches most job sites for you instead of having to go to a ton of different ones! good luck!