Monday, April 20, 2009

ta-ta for now...

as many know, i'm on twitter, and as such, i find myself updating this blog less and less. i invite everyone to join and follow me at, and in addition, i will be starting a new, more professionally-focused blog that will supplement a book that i am in the process of working on. 

i'll post the link here when it's set up & ready to go! :)

Thursday, April 02, 2009

blog concert series!

if you've watched "ellen" at all lately, you know that she's been showcasing unknown talents via her "bathroom concert series." welp, i came across this gal covering one of my favorite hanson (cough) songs, "georgia," and thought i'd give her some love. she's not in a bathroom, but dang, is she good!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

dear real world, i hate you.

since being thrust into the proverbial "real world" after college graduation, i've learned several things- chief among them that no one (in the professional world, anyway) cares about you and that you sure ain't the "unique snowflake" college made you feel like. but for god sakes, interviewers, would it kill you to send one lousy e-mail to tell me that i didn't get the job?!

i can handle rejection, trust me. at this point, my most-oft heard phrase "someone with more experience" has become the air i breathe. okay, i'm being a little dramatic. but really, when i send you an e-mail to follow up about the status of a position that i spent my time, money, and possibly gas to interview for, the least you can do is give me a quick "sorry, but we went with someone else." it's common courtesy, people. even worse is when you respond with a "we're still making up our minds" and then....nothing. i can't count how many times i've had to stalk linkedin to find out who actually got the position after a month of silence from the employer!

basically, in the words of one stephanie tanner, "HOW RUDE." so let's get it together, folks. just keep a girl posted.  you'll only bruise my ego for a minute or two.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

idol, i'll never let go.

no matter what happens in my life, there are some things that i can always count on. one of these things is american idol. 

seriously, i don't even care- I LOVE THIS SHOW. i can remember having a freakout on my living room floor in anticipation of kelly clarkson's crowning during the first season. i used to put idol performances from the likes of corey clark and josh gracin (anyone? anyone?) on the mix cds i made in high school because they made me laugh. and i took true pride in my taylor hicks "soul patrol" impression. now, with the advent of social media, i'm completely addicted to "live-tweeting" idol. no big.

 i am a bit surprised that it became the phenomenon that it did. but when it comes down to it, it's a talent competition. and everyone loves talent competitions! also, everyone (secretly) loves simon cowell. what's with the constant backlash, y'all?anyways, this season is proving to be one of the best yet, and here are my favorites:


allison- for a 16 year-old, girl can SANG.


anoop- known affectionately as "anoop-dogg."


jorge- i think it would be fantastic if the american idol was puerto-rican.


matt- elliott yamin v 2.0? perhaps.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


taylor hanson? james iha? bun e. carlos from cheap trick? adam schlesinger from fountains of wayne? which one of these is not like the other? well, i don't know, and i really don't care, but i want more of it, dammit. let's face it- they had me at taylor hanson, but this "tinted windows" supergroup (and their first single "kind of a girl") is like a giant crunchy genius power-pop nugget that i can't help but bite right into. i'm so thrilled that they're getting overwhelmingly positive reactions thus far, too. just watch!!


Thursday, February 19, 2009

careers for thought: 8 things i'd also love to do.

my unfortunate period of unemployment (i mean, um, my transition period to full-time employment!) has left me with some time to think about other possible career paths. and since one of my most-often asked interview questions is "what is your dream job?" (which, in my opinion, is an inherently stupid question- what am i supposed to say, "this one!!"? come on now!), i've come up with some good- if not far-fetched- answers to respond with. a girl can dream, right?!

1. traveling chef/tv host/food critic

okay, so i'm lacking the culinary skills, but we can overlook that. seriously, can you imagine anything cooler than getting to travel to fabulous places and pig out all day?! because really, i can't. at all. ever.

2. fbi detective

for goodness sakes, i found my birthparents through intensive google searches, and my ability to track things and people down is pretty scary. i could totally hang with the folks at the behavorial analysis unit.

3. sober living house manager

i think the celebrity rehab spin-off "sober house" prooobably sugar-coats it, and most of these house managers are recovering addicts themselves, but i'd actually really like to work with substance abusers post-rehab, though it could potentially get really depressing. yikes!

4. matchmaker

playing cupid could be a total blast (not to mention rewarding if you're successful!), but it would be even more fun to alert the jerks that they're, well, jerks. right??

5. lawyer

i was a total mock trial ace in the heydays of middle and high school- always the prosecuting attorney, though. someone did make an objection once because i was "badgering the witness," but whatever, i wanted answers!

6. fashion buyer

i'd get paid to shop. 'nuff said.

7. set designer

how cool would it be to dream up the decor for a fictional character's apartment, or a favorite local coffeeshop? pretty damn cool, i say.

8. wedding planner

dealing with psycho bridezillas could get stressful, yes, but organizing the music, the table linens, the menu...oh my!

this is a total list-in-progress, so if anyone has any ideas for other awesome jobs, give me a shout.