Tuesday, March 10, 2009

idol, i'll never let go.

no matter what happens in my life, there are some things that i can always count on. one of these things is american idol. 

seriously, i don't even care- I LOVE THIS SHOW. i can remember having a freakout on my living room floor in anticipation of kelly clarkson's crowning during the first season. i used to put idol performances from the likes of corey clark and josh gracin (anyone? anyone?) on the mix cds i made in high school because they made me laugh. and i took true pride in my taylor hicks "soul patrol" impression. now, with the advent of social media, i'm completely addicted to "live-tweeting" idol. no big.

 i am a bit surprised that it became the phenomenon that it did. but when it comes down to it, it's a talent competition. and everyone loves talent competitions! also, everyone (secretly) loves simon cowell. what's with the constant backlash, y'all?anyways, this season is proving to be one of the best yet, and here are my favorites:


allison- for a 16 year-old, girl can SANG.


anoop- known affectionately as "anoop-dogg."


jorge- i think it would be fantastic if the american idol was puerto-rican.


matt- elliott yamin v 2.0? perhaps.

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Janine said...

Matt and Anoop are my favorites too.